Anonymous sent: ew u

((i’ll murder u idjit))

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slswhitefire sent: How does it feel, knowing that in some alternate universe, your name was Natasha Stark and you married Steve? :))

"Indifferent is the word that comes to mind. I’ll make sure to toss a fruit basket through the next Stargate."

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Anonymous sent: The kid in mind when the question was asked is fourteen. One would hope the boy is toilet trained (aka yes, he is). He also managed to build a prototype arc reactor with scrap metals and nothing but stable tools.

"So is that a yes to the pet thing?"

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Anonymous sent: -clears throat- ... New York? (u‿u✿)

"Build something. I need to….Build something. Excuse me."

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Anonymous sent: would you adopt a little brother if he had your knack for science and was asgardian?

"What? No. Of course not."

"I might consider taking one as a pet, though. As long as he’s house broken."

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"Everyone awake? Good."

"We’ve got a little work to do."


imageask-iron-man replied to your post: Mighty Thor, how does it feel to have such a…


That better mean you’ve brought the blog back to life, Doonsberry.

((It’s not completely dead! Well, you know… Just kind of dead. >_>))

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"You’ve all been…. Patient."


Anonymous sent: i love your new haircut

Why wouldn’t you?

How cliche would it be if I were to say it’s growing on me? 

Things have been hectic lately.

Finally had a chance to take a look at this old thing and I’m tempted to grace you all with a little bit more of /me/.

Fire some questions and I’ll see what I can do about answering them.